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4 Reasons off Site Meetings Are So Important


Love em or hate em, Meetings are a necessary part of running a successful business. Whether you are communicating specific ideas to your staff or you are running a brainstorming/problem solving session, being together in the same room is the best way to achieve this, but will any old room do? Not necessarily. We’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons why the room you choose, should be off site.

Makes it Memorable

By changing the scenery and mixing up the daily grind you create a lasting impression for your employees, increasing the likelihood they will retain the information. It also gives more weight to the topics discussed which makes off-site meetings great for yearly round-ups and important topics.


Increases Productivity by Eliminating Distractions

Removing yourself from the office means you also remove yourself from the ‘Got a minute’ distractions that come with a normal day. No one can interrupt you with a ‘Quick Question’ or transfer an ‘Important phone call’ to you. Everyone in the room is a captive audience and will be more engaged, thus promoting effective communication. According to a study by Fast Company, workplace interruptions cost the US economy $588 billion per year. When asked to calculate the time they lose due to interruptions, employees routinely came up with 40% – 60% of their day. Getting out of the office and into a different environment keeps your team focused and ready to contribute.



Encourages Innovative Thinking

Not only will changing the scenery make your meeting more memorable, it will actually stimulate creative thinking. Offsite meetings are a metaphoric translation of thinking outside the box. Have you ever heard the saying ‘I get my best ideas sitting at my desk at work’? We’re guessing, probably not.



Nothing kills productivity and engagement like a group of hangry or tired people. If the meeting runs late you get the former, if the meeting is right after lunch you can get the latter (depending on their food choices). Getting a catering package means you can focus on the important stuff and your venue can worry about filling your bellies with brain food at the right time! A chemical called tyrosine, found in seafood, chicken and lean meats, helps to stimulate the brain, making it a must have for meeting food. Besides, food always tastes better when you don’t make it and you don’t have to clean up, amiright?


Now that you’ve heard the facts, you probably have one last question, Where am I going to hold the next off site meeting?  Well, it just so happens that we offer some great meeting spaces and an amazing catering package. Self promotion? Yes… but it also happens to be true.

View our Corporate Catering Menu here or better yet, contact one of our Catering Managers to get more information. We look forward to facilitating your best ideas yet!

Linda Warren

Jermaine Tan

Jeremy Hawkins

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