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Be Nice to Hotel Staff — Secrets from a Hotel Insider


For many guests checking in to a hotel is as simple as handing over your credit card and getting a room key. That is until you go up to your room and discover things aren’t exactly as you expected. Maybe you want to change rooms, perhaps you expected a different view, you might have a few questions or a special request. What do you do?

The best thing is to call the Front Desk – they are the central hub of any hotel. They see and hear it all and are in contact with most other departments continuously. While you are contacting the Front Desk to perhaps complain or request something different, keep in mind that the problem was not caused by the Front Desk so always be polite.

Ask the name of the person you are dealing with upfront but kindly, so you have a reference for the conversation. Voice your issue AND offer a solution (I am not happy with my room, I would like to change it) then ask them if they can help you solve the problem or if you should speak to someone else – perhaps the Manager? The majority of the time your issue can be solved quickly by the agent on duty and they will appreciate how simple it was to please you. The next time you are down in the lobby stop by the desk and ask for the person who helped you by name to introduce yourself and thank them – especially if you plan on coming back one day.

One of the perks of staying in a hotel room is the mini bar. What’s more fun than mini bottles of alcohol in a mini fridge right in your own bedroom! YEAH! And yes it is exciting but not that much fun when you get your bill and discover the ridiculously high prices hotels charge for this service. I’ll let you in on a little secret – mini bars are one of the hardest things to monitor and replenish/restock in hotels. They are the most disputed charge on any customer’s bill so your best option is to: 1) Drink and eat what you want and dispute the charges on your way out. Chances are good the hotel will make some adjustment and offer you a discount within reason. 2) Refuse the mini bar key at check in and just stay away from it. We’ve seen guests try to get sneaky, refilling already finished bottles with strange liquids or leaving behind half eaten Pringles tubs strategically made to look unopened. It seems like a tedious task, but the choice is yours…

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