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Sous Vide, Swordfish and Kimchi – Oh my!

An insider look into how our latest 3 course menu was developed.


Our new 3 course feature menu is set to drop at The Wild Fig in a few days and, as per usual, we are excited. Every month Chef Manny creates a new blend of flavours and menu options that are seasonally appropriate, fresh and of course deeeelicious!

In order to get some insight into the inspiration for the September menu we knew we had to go straight to the source – Chef Manny himself!

Executive Plaza Hotel: Chef, What is your favourite item on the menu?

Chef: The Blackened Swordfish for sure. We don’t get to use this fish very often because it can be quite pricey. Early Fall is when the best selection is available and therefore the price is more reasonable so I had to jump on it. The taste is similar to Tuna, but firmer and less flaky. The texture is more like a pork chop or a good steak, so it leaves you feeling fuller which is perfect as we start easing more into Fall flavours. With our weather still heating up we needed to make sure it was paired properly, nothing too heavy. The fresh flavours of the Roasted Corn Salsa really compliment it and, in my opinion, always goes well with fish. 

EPH: Another stand out was The Pork Kimchi Gyoza which is also new to the menu. What made you decide on that?

Chef: New(ish). We do have a shrimp gyoza on our A la Carte menu however as we get into early Fall I wanted to offer one of our more popular appetizers with a slight variation. The Pork filling with Kimchi spices makes it a bit heartier and gives it a little kick that really take this dish up a notch.

EPH: Sous Vide is a cooking process we have been using pretty consistently, For example this month we are doing a Sous Vide Fraser Valley Chicken. Why do you like using this method?

Chef: This method of cooking is great for retaining flavour and moisture which is great for chicken. Basically, it is slow cooking the item on low in a water bath (in a vacuum sealed bag) over a long period of time. The result is a perfectly even cook where the meat is juicy and tender.

A big thank you to Chef Manny for giving us his insider knowledge and the process behind creating our Monthly 3 course Menu.

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