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Traveling with Littles – Secrets from a Mom of Three

3 tried and tested tips to ensure everyone has a good time.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting blogger, decorator extraordinaire and supermom of 3 Ashley Hale of @houseof5five. She and her husband drove up from Washington state and joined us for the Father’s Day weekend with her 3 littles. As a seasoned traveler, Ashley has a few tried and tested tips for traveling with 3 young kids so we asked her to write a guest blog. Enjoy!

3 Tips for traveling with 3 littles

Traveling with young kids can be a dream! But let’s be honest, there are some nightmare moments too! I want to share with you today how we try to avoid the nightmares and enjoy wonderful adventures with our kids.

Tip #1: Go with the flow!

So many times, we as parent’s want to plan ahead and make sure we have every loose end tied up but traveling can throw a wrench in a plan faster than you see coming. It’s important to listen to the children’s needs. If your plan is to drive 3 hours to your destination, then visit a landmark, then eat out, and then hit a popular venue, chances are your kids are going to try their best to throw the plan off a bit. Perhaps they get too tired from traveling or a little car sick (hey, its happened to us all), but kids will have their own schedule when away from home. That is why it’s important to listen to their needs and accommodate them when needed. It might mess up your plans a bit, but a happy family is the most important ingredient in a successful trip. Your kids will remember these special moments and adventures more than the day to day grind, so keep their needs met and go with the flow. Allow plans to get cancelled and embrace that everything doesn’t always go perfect

Tip #2: Pack a traveling ER kit.

This is so important! You’ll be thanking yourself and wondering why you don’t always have these in the car! A travel ER kit will make life so much easier when the unexpected happens. Pack a plastic bin with anything that you can think of that might just pop up. Be wise about how you pack your items and be sure to pack things that won’t spoil. These are a few items we love to bring with us and have used in a pinch on several occasions on the road:

 ~ Change of clothes easily accessible (no matter the age of your children).

~ Individual LEGO packs. These are wonderful little projects your kids can work on while waiting in an airport, in traffic, etc.

~ Energy fueling snacks like trail mix, fruit leathers, beef jerky, nuts, and peanut butter. 

~ First aid kit with the extras like tylenol, advil, and a vomit bag. 

~ Each children’s favorite candy (you never know when you might need an incentive)

~ Travel games like go fish, tic tac toe, video games, and crayons and paper for coloring.

~ Something cozy to take a nap with on a long car ride or airplane ride like a thin blanket or pillow pet (my kid’s personal favorite).

~ Box juice/water

~ Paper towels

I can think of many times where we’ve needed all these things while traveling with our kids and it saved us the stress of finding a store in a new area when we already had the item on hand!

Tip #3: Book adjoining rooms if you can.

When traveling to hotels, make sure you book a room that will be the best suited for your children to get the best sleep away from home. Sleeping in a new place can be frightening for young kids so you want to make it as comfortable as possible. We often find that hotels with two adjoining rooms gives us the best chance at a successful night of sleep. Our youngest children go to bed at 7pm so if we are all sharing a room, that doesn’t give us the freedom to stay up late enjoying the hotel amenities like room service and movies. We always prefer to get two adjoining rooms that will allow us to get the kids down for bed closest to their regular bed time and ensure we stick to the same routine we always do at home and then we can comfortably relax and enjoy our time in the second room watching movies, ordering yummy food, and just enjoying each other’s company. A handy tool to bring is a baby monitor so you can check in on how they are sleeping because it can be hard to hear the other room in hotels. 

Bonus Tip:

Enjoy these moments, no matter what happens. Traveling with young kids is bound to create the unexpected. Embrace it! Things will happen that you can’t prepare for and it always seems to happen while on vacation! But these are the times your kids will remember and you want them to have lasting memories of the family simply enjoying each others company! 

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